Wardrobe De-Clutter

Let another pair of eyes cast over what is in your wardrobe - things that can be revamped and accessorised just by belting adding a flash of colour with scarf, necklace or a new pair of shoes.

Mix and match items that you have never envisaged putting together but work and gives you a brand new outfit.


We will colour code and capsulate your wardrobe making it easier for you to see and visualise, taking the pressure off you so you do not have to say, "I've got nothing to wear!"

I will also help you get a charity bag together of those items that should have never been hanging there in the first place - those impulse buys - those “I will grow into” or “I will fit in it one day” - no need to be embarrassed…we all have those tucked away!

After your Wardrobe De-Clutter I recommend we book a personal virtual shopping trip.

At the moment with all that is happening in the world we will not be able to shop together - but we can work through what is missing from your wardrobe. And once we have established your body shape, colour tone, you can set me a budget and I will do all the hard work in finding you those missing items -this will be exciting and start the transformation of the real you :)


For full details click to see my Wardrobe De-cultter process

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