How to look good in a foreign country

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

For when we can travel again...

When travelling the name of the game is comfort...layering is also key. Smart outerwear Jacket or blazer this can cover up the casual wear beneath and can help with the possibility of an upgrade.

Pashmina can also add to the glamour of the jacket and will also be useful as a throw when the cabin temperature dips, the points above are extremely useful especially on long haul flights.

I always have a pair of socks in my bag and depending on the destination, smart flip flops, as our feet can have a tendency to swell.

Always research the country you are travelling to and respect their traditions and beliefs.

Pashminas and scarves are not just useful garment for dressing up outfits and keeping off the sun in the day or the cool of an evening they can be useful for covering up and being respectful when and wear required.

Let me help with exploring your holiday wardrobe and tips on what to pack. Key items that can be worn several times in several ways to make use of your luggage space are important. Let’s look forward to holidays soon! I know like the rest of you, I certainly am :)

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