Personal Styling

Feeling good about yourself?


Now and then we all lose the sense of who we are...Another year passes and your wardrobe and style stays the same without you realising. Same safety-net clothes - just a different shade.


Busy lives – looking after the children and a home all play a part - and then, all of a sudden, your identity has gone along with your confidence in styling yourself.

Your shape has probably changed, and your skin tone may seem dull - don't be dismayed - at some point this happens to us all!


It's about time you had some "ME" time! Why not treat yourself to a Personal Styling online consultation with me in the comfort of your own home.


In our first online visit we will have an informal chat over a"virtual"  tea or coffee and get to know you and your lifestyle better – understand your plus points and the areas where you may lack confidence.


We will look at the styles that work well for you. We will then identify your body shape and face shape giving you the tools and knowledge of what styles, shapes and fabrics will suit you best.


Confidence regained - why not book a Colour Analysis or Wardrobe Declutter session later to establish what can be used, what is missing and what needs to leave that wardrobe - forever!


For full details click to see my Personal Styling Process

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