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Interior Design


  • Complete barn renovation

  • Styling a new conservatory

  • Redecoration just a simple room

First impressions count!

Let's talk through your ideas and build a plan that works to give that WOW factor!

Interior Design is all about making it work for you! The room on the left fits two purposes - a drawing / music room - that converts into a bedroom with a fold down sofa - maximising the use for all. 

I commissioned the painting from a very dear friend who lived in Spain.


Maybe you are stuck and just need some inspiration from another pair of eyes, they say two are better than one!


If you are in the process of redecorating a room or a full house, I can help you with the colours, colour analysis, matching and sourcing the right pieces.

We can work with style boards and have some fun doing it too.

Why not contact me first for some before and after pictures to show what we can achieve?


For full details click to see my Interior Design Process

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