My colour analysis gives instant results and is great fun, this is an in depth process of determining your skin tone and which colour quadrant you may fall into!


The Colour Analysis will enable you to learn which colours enhance, making you look younger, brighter and giving you a fabulous glow. 


The Colour Analysis is an extremely useful tool it can not only determine the colour of your clothes you buy but also the colour of your makeup and your jewellery.


This new found knowledge can help save you money and time as you should not make any more buying mistakes as you will really start to understand what suits you. I


Why not embrace this newfound knowledge?  Let me help you use it well and you will really feel transformed.


And if you really enjoy my Colours Analysis session why not treat yourself to a Personal Styling Consultation later.


Colour analysis sessions are from £150.

Sessions are normally 2 x 30 minutes, with questionnaires in between and we will share some images online. At the end you will have a detailed checklist and report.

For full details click to see my Colour Analysis Process.

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