BoDy Shape Analysis

We all come in different shapes and sizes...

In our consultation we will get to know each other and talk through lifestyle and what you would like to achieve. We all have areas of our body shape that we do not like and some that we do.


A Body Shape Analysis session will provide you with the tools and understanding of what works for you. Learning about scale, shape, line and proportion. From this you will have the knowledge and confidence of what suits you, how to accessorise, what materials and patterns.


A Colour Analysis session works really well alongside Body Shape Analysis - you really will have all the tools if you can combine both of these - so I have put a package together where you can save £50. Just click SAVE to book online.

And don't worry - I will not be asking you to strip off, stand on scales or anything too personal :)

Why not try it ?- Just book your appointment - I'll then send a questionnaire to fill which will give me a better understanding of your needs and allow me to research before our zoom consultation.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you make the most our of your unique shape.

For full details click to see my Body Shape Process

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